A Look at the Different Styles of Eye Makeup

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When it comes to eye makeup, there are several styles for you to choose from. There is no dearth of styles of eye makeup out there, what with the number of products and colors available in the market. But, it won’t do for you to blindly choose any style whatsoever.

There are several factors that go into choosing the right look from the various eye makeup styles out there, such as the shape of your eyes, their color, your skin tone, the color of your hair, your personality, the occasion and the time of the event you are attending.

Nevertheless, there are several broad categories that we can divide eye make-up into. Let’s look at the two most commonly used ones – Natural and dramatic eye makeup.

Natural Eye Makeup

The name says it all. Natural make up is one of those styles of eye make up that is typified by the use of neutral colors. The philosophy of this style is to work with the natural contour and beauty of your eyes. The purpose is not to flaunt a lot of makeup but to enhance the appeal of your eyes. To create this style, you use eye shadow that is very close to your skin tone, and the eyeliner is the same shade or probably two shades darker than your eyelashes. The mascara too should be almost similar to the color of your lashes.

The natural look is among the few looks that are a great choice for everyday wear and they are not frowned upon by official establishments. So you can wear makeup at work and not be hauled up for it!

Dramatic Eye Makeup

Dramatic styles of eye makeup are just what you would need when you are planning on making an impression at an important event or a special occasion. For such times, you need to go beyond the regular makeup and do something that draws everybody’s attention to your pretty peepers. Dramatic eye makeup ranges from smoky eye makeup to glitter styles. To achieve the dramatic look, follow these tips.

  • When applying the eyeliner, experiment with strokes bolder than the ones you draw normally and extend the line slightly beyond your eyes.
  • Don’t restrict the liner to application on the top lid only. Use it under the lower lash line as well.
  • Experiment with false eyelashes or curl your lashes and apply a couple of coats of mascara.
  • Try different kinds of finishes for your eye makeup, such as shimmer shadow or metallic liner.

Whatever styles of eye makeup you choose to wear, the key to looking good lies in being confident. Also, never stop experimenting with your looks. While in the beginning you need to stick closely to the styles that you learn, as time goes on, you should break conventions and try modifying different styles to suit your personality. You are unique and your eye makeup style should be too!

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