Some Great Smoky Eyeshadow Tips

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Smoky eye makeup is one of my favorites as it is easy to put on (contrary to popular notion), suits almost all face types, and looks good on eyes of all shapes and colors. Moreover, it gives you that sultry and glamorous look that almost all women long for. Below are some of my smoky eyeshadow tips to help you do your eyes perfectly.

About Smoky Eye Shadow

Eyes with smoky looks have been in fashion for a long time now, and still continue to capture the fantasy and imagination of a lot of women. I personally believe that this particular style will never become old fashioned. Smoky eye makeup is all about flawless combination of light shades with comparatively darker shades of eye shadow; significantly darker than those you would normally use in eye makeup styles. Combination of these two shades together with eyeliner and mascara can help you get that smoky look for your eyes. Many a times I use a soft golden shadow as a base color, and put a deep purple or blue on the top of that. It makes for an amazing contrast.  The next among my important smoky eyeshadow tips is to blend all the shadow colors properly so that there are no stark strokes visible.

How to do Smoky Eyeshadow

To start with, you have to make your eye lids oil free. I use a primer on the eyes to prevent the makeup from smudging and getting spoilt. After that, I apply a lighter shade of shadow all over the eyelid starting from the brow bone. Then I use an eyeliner pencil to put a thick line on the upper eyelid making sure that the liner is also applied in between the eye lashes. I use a dark shade of eyeliner for this. After that a thin line of eye liner on the lower eyelash enhances the look even further. Then, I use a clean brush to put a layer of shadow in such a manner that it covers the eyeliner of the upper lid. I make use of a tissue to catch the eyeliner flakes that may fall while applying the eye shadow. After this, I put another layer of dark eye shadow blending it towards the eyelid’s crease. I use the darkest eye shadow on the top of the liner applied on the lower lid and then use a cotton swab to smudge it a little. Next step is to put an appropriate amount of mascara.

Other Smoky Eyeshadow Tips

To make your smoky eyes stand out, avoid doing strong make up for on your lips. The focus should not be on both your eyes and lips at the same time. So, if you choose to draw attention to your eyes, keep your lip shade on a lighter side; and if it is your lips that are meant to be the center of attraction, choose a more subdued makeup for your eyes.

Always clean the brush before applying shadow to avoid mixing colors. Deep purple, golden brown, and many other colors with deeper hues are best for getting smoky eyes. Keep the base color light and apply dark colors over them. But don’t forget to blend them properly.

The above mentioned tips make for a perfect guide to answer your question “how to do smoky eye shadow”?

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