Smokey Eyes Makeup – Tips & Tricks to Make you Look Sexy

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Smokey eye makeup is counted among the sexiest looks for your eyes. Wherever you turn, whichever magazine you pick up, whatever interview you may be watching, you are bound to come across a famous name, celebrity, diva, or fashion model sporting the smokey eye look. Not only does it make your eyes look appealing, it also raises your sex appeal by several notches. Well, since it’s obviously such a big deal, why not invest some time and acquire some smokey eyes makeup tips to help you get started? Well, here goes.

Prepping your Eyes

To prep your eyes for smokey eye makeup application you start with a concealer in the under eye area and also on the top lid. Take care to use only the lightest shade of concealer possible. Smokey eyes are no fun if your dark circles are visible underneath the makeup. The concealer will make sure that people will only see what you’d want them to see – the beauty in your eyes. Everything else will be hidden.

The Eyeliner & Eyeshadow

After the application of the concealer, you line the top and bottom rims of your eyes with an eye pencil. When you are done lining your eyes, it’s time to apply eye shadow. Use a q-tip or an eye shadow brush to soften the edges of the line you just drew on your eyelids. Directly onto this penciled area apply a dark eye shadow and a lighter shadow will be applied after this on the rest of the eyelid. One of the well known smokey eyes makeup tips is that you can make your look more or less dramatic you want by increasing or decreasing the eye shadow you apply. Also, you can experiment with various dark shades, and some jewel colors like violet and turquoise give an interesting touch to this look.

Now for the Mascara

Apply several coats of mascara but wait for each coat to dry before you apply the next one. If you are too impatient, you might end up clumping your eyelashes together. And that is not how you want to step out of the house, do you? One great smokey eyes make up tip is to apply some glitter to your eyelashes for a more dramatic look.

Finally, it’s time to do some cleaning up. After you’ve completed the entire application, you need to clean up the area and wipe any smudges with the help of a q-tip. If there is any eye shadow that may have fallen below the eye, wipe it away with a fluffy brush.

Hope these smokey eyes makeup tips were of some help to you. Have fun experimenting with this look and when you step out for a special evening be very careful who look at, lest they topple sideways after gazing into your eyes!

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