Some Great Suggestions for Makeup for Green Eyes

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Green eyed women are sometimes at a loss to choose the right sort of makeup for their eyes since they are not sure what color will bring out their beauty and what might end up ruining their appearance. With such beautiful and dramatic eyes, the attempt is to make them look even more dramatic and spell binding with the right kind of makeup for green eyes.

Well, you can achieve this goal provided you use the right color and shade of mascara, eyeliner, eyes shadow, lipsticks and blush. Along with the choice of appropriate colors, you also should know how to combine the colors well for the best effect. Here are some makeup tricks for green eyes that might help you when deciding what colors to use and what to leave out.

Choosing Eye Shadow

Eye shadow plays a very important role in makeup for green eyes. Warm colors complement green eyes really well. Therefore colors like plums, deep purples, lilacs, mauves, bronzes, golds, coppers, deep greens, and browns would be great. Avoid shades of blue, while, gray, and pink, since they don’t go too well with green eyes.

When applying eye shadow, choose a light color like lilac, for instance, as a highlighter. Use a single thick stroke and apply this light shade evenly on to the brow bone. This should be followed by a dark shade, for e.g purple, on the crease of your eye and blend it in well.  If you are interested in a slightly subtle look try a combination of bronze and light brown.

Eyeliner for Green Eyes

Eyeliner of all kinds – be they liquid or pencil – help to define eyes really well and enhance the eye shadow application. The typical black eyeliner may be too hash for green eyes. Try experimenting with colors like dark gray, golden, shades of browns and bronzes, and plums and violets. Apply the eyeliner on the upper as well as lower eyelids. Allow the liner to dry well and do not blink or else you may end up smudging it.

Mascara for Green Eyes

For mascara too, there are several makeup tips. Green eyes don’t go too well with bright or shimmery shades of mascara. It’s advisable to apply either transparent mascara or choose a shade of brown. This might sound a little conservative for you, but trust me it works well for green eyes like yours. Before applying the mascara, use an eyelash curler on your lashes to give them some definition and after applying the mascara, use a lash comb to smooth out any clumps.

Finally, we come to the colors most suitable for lipstick and blush. They are just as important as the other aspects we discussed above. Makeup for green eyes, in fact for eyes of all colors, is a whole package and you need to use everything in a manner that creates harmony on your face. For lipsticks, colors that would look great with green eyes are shades of browns, mauves, rose, plums and burgundy. For blush, choose peach, brown, or rose to complement your beautiful eyes.

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