How to Put on Eye Shadow Properly

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You can apply eye shadow using a brush or with the help of sponge. However, I prefer a brush to a sponge applicator. Many people face problems in applying eye shadow. To understand how to put on eye shadow you need a lot of consistent practice. It is a lot more than simply set of rules that you can learn to become the master of eye makeup.

The first step is to take the feel of your eyes by lightly rotating your fingers on and around your eyes. This is done to understand the shape of your eyes. It is also important to match the color of eye shadow with that of your eye balls. I would also suggest that you keep your skin tone in mind while selecting the color palette of eye shadow. Besides these common points, I will give you some specific tips on how to put on eye shadow.

Choosing the Right Shade

As I have already mentioned, the first step is to get the best color of shadow that matches the color of your eyes. When selecting the appropriate eye shadow your main aim is to pick up a color that magnifies and enhances the color of your eyes. Initially when you are beginning to learn how to put on eye shadow, I would recommend the use of neutral colors like taupe, shades of brown, beige, or chocolate. I use three colors with varying degrees of dominance. The motive is to apply a lighter shade first and then go to a darker shade as I move from the brow bone to the crease of the eye. I do this to highlight the most attractive feature of any women’s face, their eyes. If the beauty of your eyes is enhanced, it elevates the overall attraction in your face.

Clean your Shadow Applicators before Use

I clean my shadow applicators every time before use. This is necessary to avoid the colors from getting mixed up. The application of eye shadow will become complicated and messy, if the brush is not cleaned properly. For a smooth finish and to apply the shadow evenly on your eye, the applicator should be fresh and clean. You cannot avoid fine dust particles from settling on the applicator. So while teaching my clients how to put on eye shadow, I give due importance to cleaning the brush before use. This also helps in preventing any kind of skin infection.

Primer is Very Important

Another important lesson related to ‘how to put on eye shadow’ is to make appropriate use of primer. I apply primer on the upper eyelid before applying the eye shadow. This retains the eye make up for longer duration. It also prevents the shadow from getting messy when it has to be applied for longer period.

I apply the eyeliner with uniform strokes of the brush starting with a lighter shade under the brow bone. Then I apply the middle shade on the eyelid and keep the darkest shade to be used on the crease of the eye. Finally, I make sure that all colors blend properly and there are no individual stripes visible.

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