Easy Tips on How to Apply Gothic Eyeliner

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Gothic makeup is typified by smooth white skin and very powerful and intense dark eyes. Think Ophelia, Cleopatra or Morticia Adams – that’s what the typical Goth get up looks like. The key to achieving the Gothic look is in the proper application of eyeliner. It gives a very sharp definition to your eyes and pulls people’s attention towards them. That is your aim, isn’t it? Therefore you need to stock up on your gothic eyeliner tips. This article is going to take you through some of the essentials of how to apply Gothic eyeliner.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate eyeliner for the Gothic look, there are a number of choices for you. Though black is the natural choice for this kind of a look, you can also experiment with darker shades of eyeliner. For instance, people with light colored eyes can try dark brown or grey eyeliner.

Keep one thing in mind. Since application of eyeliner is fundamental to the Gothic look, you need to practice regularly so that you are able to apply it with a steady hand. The lines you draw should be neat and crisp. Once you are adept at this, you can move on to the next stage where you can experiment with a varying number of gothic eyeliner designs.

How to Apply Gothic Eyeliner

  1. Before you begin, make sure you have the following things handy – liquid eyeliner of a color of your choice, small angled brush, and foam-tipped buffer. The application of eyeliner should only be done once you’ve applied the shadow onto your eyes. Your hands should be dry when applying the eyeliner so that you don’t end up smudging the shadow powder.
  2. For the Gothic look, liquid liner is much better than a pencil one. In fact, you may not be able to achieve the desired effect with a pencil liner at all, so forget about using it. Thanks to the sharp look that it lends the eyes, liquid liners score over pencil liners.
  3. When applying the liner opt for a small angled brush over the one that comes with the eyeliner tube. This is because a small angled brush will give you much better control.
  4. Beginning from the outside corner of your upper eyelid, draw a line that increases in thickness on the outer edges. The next step is to draw the brush down and in, bringing it as close to the eyelashes as you possibly can, and make a line to a quarter of an inch from the corner of your eye.
  5. Once you are done with the upper eyelid, move to the lower lid and apply a line from the outside corner and extend it around two-thirds of the way. Apply the liner as quickly as you can since it has a tendency to dry fast. Also, smudge the liner a little bit with the help of a foam-tipped buffer before it begins to dry.

It would be a good idea to put some diligent practice in to learning how to apply Gothic eyeliner for a few days so that you can get it right on the day you have to flaunt it. Once you are good enough at it you can create your own interesting look by choosing a gothic eyeliner design of your liking and jazzing up your eyes with that. All the best for your efforts in trying out the Gothic look.

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