How to Apply Eye Makeup – Some Essential Tips

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Applying eye makeup is an essential step in enhancing your inherent beauty. With the right kind of makeup, you can draw attention to your eyes and make them look mesmerizing. There are several techniques that can be used to enhance the beauty of your eyes and there is no dearth of products out there you can use. However, the first step towards making your eyes look beautiful is to work with what you have. This means that the most important factor is the shape of your eyes. That determines how you use the makeup and colors. If you want to know how to apply eye makeup, stay glued to this article for loads of tips and advice.

Applying Eye Make up for Small eyes

Those with small eyes usually feel pretty hopeless when it comes to eye makeup. They are of the opinion that if you have small eyes, there’s not much that can be done to make them look beautiful. That is a huge misconception. There are several techniques which will teach you how to apply eye make up in a manner that will make your eyes appear bigger.

To begin with, don’t outline the contours of your eyes. Use an eye shadow that has a shimmer base on your upper eyelid and avoid using dark eye shadow. Highlight your eyes with the help of eyeliner, and that too only along your upper eyelashes.

How to apply Eye Makeup for Protruding Eyes

If you have eyes that protrude slightly, you need to trade in your shimmery eye shadow for something that has a matte texture. Eye shadow that shimmers will only make your eyes appear to be more protruding. Mark the contours of your eyes with an eye shadow of your choice and blend it in halfway down from the crease and up to the lashes. Finally, use a mascara to curl your eye lashes to hide the bulge in your eyelids.

Makeup for Mature eyes

For mature eyes, choose eye shadow very carefully and stick to colors that are softer. Same goes for the highlighters – they should also have a lighter base. Eye shadow should only be applied on to the upper eyelid. Do not extend it to the sides and refrain from using it on the lower eyelid. Instead of the black mascara, use a brown or gray one for better accent for your eyes.

How to apply Eye Makeup for Wide set eyes

When applying eye makeup for wide set eyes, especially if they are also small, be very careful not to use dark shadow on the inner corner of your eyes or they will end up looking even smaller. When filling in the eye shadow, stay limited to the borders of your eyelids that have been naturally defined.

Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to approach your eye makeup with renewed confidence. Don’t forget to experiment occasionally and create a whole new look for yourself once in a while. Have fun and look beautiful!

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