Hazel Eye Makeup Colors to Brighten your Eyes

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Women with hazel eyes are envied by quite a bit by the non-hazel eyed population. This is because hazel eyed beauties are able to use a whole range of colors for their eye makeup. Virtually all the colors seem to go well with hazel eyes. They don’t have to worry about choosing specific hazel eye makeup colors. There are just a few things that they need to be careful about otherwise pretty much every color on the palette works well for them. It can be easily said for those whose eyes are hazel – eye make up worries seem to vanish in the air.

Colors that Look Good with Hazel Eyes

Like I mentioned before, there is a vast spectrum of colors that complement hazel eyes. Let’s check out some of them in this article

Greens – Some people are of the opinion that since hazel is a shade of green, using shades of green may tone down the natural beauty of your eyes. That’s simply a general rule. To be more specific, do not use a shade of green that matches your eyes exactly or is somewhat similar in hue. Apart from this one exception, green is one of the best hazel eye makeup colors. They make your eyes look really vibrant and alive.

Browns – If you look closely, you notice that hazel eyes have a hint of brown in them. For this reason, brown is a great color to be used when choosing eye makeup for hazel eyes. All shades of brown – be they dark or light – highlight the beautiful color of your eyes and make them look startlingly brilliant.

Some of the other colors that would go really well with hazel eyes are gold, lavender, lavender, pink, khaki, plum, purple, and mocha.

Colors that Don’t Go Too Well with Hazel Eyes

While we do maintain that hazel eyes support a wide variety of colors, there are a few colors that can clash with the color of your eyes. For instance, shades of blues don’t complement your eyes. A lot of older women are under the impression that using blue shadow on their eyes can make them look younger, but sadly enough, it’s just the other way round. They end up looking even older. Two other colors to steer clear of are gray and yellow.

But, what the heck, you won’t miss these colors when you have tons of other hazel eye makeup colors to experiment with. So, go out and have fun with all those colors out there. Make heads turn and hearts burn and flaunt the beauty of your eyes most unashamedly!

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  • Email Sender July 14, 2011

    Thank you for your advices. You are perfect right, everybody told me that green is the perfect color for me. We can not see how others see us. Now I start to understand why :)

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