Gothic Eye Makeup Tips – Try Something a Little Different!

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When most people think about Gothic eye makeup, the image that pops into your head is “black eyeliner and dark eye shadow.” While that may be the quintessential Gothic look, adventurous makeup junkies have redefined this look. These days, there are a lot more colors that have been included into the realm of Gothic make up, and there is even scope to use glitter! If you are interested in Gothic eye makeup tips, you’ve come to the right place.

The Indispensable Eyeliner

The staple of gothic eye make up is thick and dark eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner is far more desirable than the pencil one but using it requires a lot of practice and a very steady hand. Even though black eyeliner would be a natural choice, you can also try other colors like purple, blue, green, red and even white.

If you have small eyes, do not draw thick lines all around your eyes. You will end with eyes that will look really tiny. In fact, apply white liner on the inside of your bottom lid and your eyes will look bigger.

Feel like playing around with your eyeliner? Extend it past your eyelids and make designs, varying from simple things like wings and swirls to more complicated ones like…well, you choose! You don’t need my Gothic eye makeup tips to tell you what design to make. Get creative and make your own. Stay away from clichés like spider webs and bat wings, though!

Experiment with Eye Shadow of different Colors

Like I mentioned before, Goths are allowed to use various colors. In fact, it is this variation that makes the Gothic style so interesting. Dark tones like emerald, deep reds and plums are some great options. There are also some Goths that make use of bright colors like yellow, fuschia, and turquoise. Another interesting addition to Gothic eye makeup would be to use glitter lightly sprinkled over the makeup for the shimmery effect. However, keep your eyes closed when you are applying glitter. You don’t want it getting in your eye and causing irritation, not to mention ruining all your hard work!

Don’t Forget the Mascara!

A liberal application of Mascara on your eyelashes makes them look long and very Morticia Adams-ey! Here again, you don’t have to limit yourself to black. You can make use of colored mascara as well. Now, here’s one of the little known Gothic eye makeup tips – there are two ways of using colors on your lashes. The first one would be to apply it over all of your lashes, and the second is to brush bright colored mascara on their tips after you’ve applied black mascara. Your pick!

If you are wondering how to apply gothic eye makeup perfectly without a single error, let me tell you that there’s loads of hard work and patience involved in this look. This isn’t something you try half-an-hour before a party. You have to practice until you are able to use all the makeup with a steady hand. Once you are adept, you can move on to the more elaborate designs and be as wildly creative as you want to be. That is the whole point of Gothic makeup isn’t it?

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