Funky Eye Makeup Ideas to Spice up your Social Life

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Every once in a while you feel the need to do something out of the ordinary. Same goes for makeup. It’s all very well to use subtle or neutral colors and go with the nude or stark look sometimes, but there are times when you feel the need to do something really unconventional so that those around you can sit up and take notice of you. Here are some funky eye makeup ideas to help you make a really bold and interesting statement.

Cat Eye Style

This style is among the more popular funky eye makeup styles. Not only does it allow you to look really cool and hip, it also lends a certain sex appeal that you can’t beat. With the cat eye makeup, there’s no way you can go wrong. Here’s how to get yourself that beautiful cat eye look you’ve always wanted.

Get yourself a nice quality liquid eye liner – preferably black. With the help of an eye lash curler, add some curls to your lashes. Then, apply liquid eyeliner from the inside towards the outside, and at the outer corner of the eyelid sweep up the liner slightly. Finish off with several coats of mascara, and wait before each coat dries before applying the next one.

White Out

White eyes are yet another of the well loved funky eye makeup ideas. Again, it’s pretty easy to create and it gives you a fresh and ethereal glow that you are going to love. You begin by curling your eyelashes, and then, apply several coats of white eye shadow. You can also look for bisque eye shadow in a metallic or pearlescent effect. This is followed by a thick line drawn with white eyeliner. If you want to kick up the gleam quotient, apply a very light coat of petroleum jelly. Finally, coat your lashes with jet black mascara and if you are in the mood, go in for something with glitter on it. Get ready to cause some major heartburn!


Stardust is the funky eye make up look for those that live on a limited budget. As the name suggests, the look is pretty heavy on the use of glitter – glitter mascaras, glitter eye shadows, and glitter liners form the basis of this look.

As usual, the first step involves curling your eyelashes followed by the application of metallic white or silver eye shadow on the entire eyelid. Then, the upper eyelids are lined with silver glitter eyeliner. You can also use white glitter eyeliner. As it is in the last look, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to give that sheen to your eyelids. Once that is done, dust finely milled glitter or loose glimmer powder on to your eyelids. Finally, round off the glitter look with several coats of glitter mascara.

All the funky eye makeup ideas discussed in this article will need some practice in your spare time so that you are able to pull them off with absolute perfection. If you have some free time, dabble around with your makeup products and soon enough, you are going to come up with a funky look of your own.

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