Eyeshadow Tips to Make you Look Gorgeous

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What is the first thing that people notice about you? Your clothes? Probably. Your eyes? Certainly! It’s a universal fact that anybody you meet will notice your eyes and if it is your aim to impress them with your pretty peepers, eye makeup becomes really important. That’s why it’s important to invest some time and learn some tips on the application of eyeliner, shadow, and mascara. Since I can’t pack everything into one article, I am going to take it bit by bit. This article will give you some invaluable eyeshadow tips, which will teach you some interesting things.

Powder Eye shadow v/s Cream Eye shadow?

When you go out to buy eye shadow, you will see that they are available in either powders or creams. While powder eye shadow is known to last longer, many women prefer cream eye shadow since they are relatively easy to apply. What you choose also depends, to a large extent, on your skin type. Those with oily skin prefer powder eye shadows and dry skinned people lean towards the cream shadows. The best bet is obviously the cream-to-powder shadows, which can be applied like the cream one and then it dries to become powder.

Colors for Day & Night

During the daytime, it’s much better to use simply a base color. Putting on too much eye shadow when you are at work or simply going about doing the day to day chores can be in bad taste. However, at night, using various eyeshadow techniques, you can experiment with dark colors and create a dramatic look. One of the really good eyeshadow tips I can give you is to use a wet brush. This will help to intensify the colors of powder shadow. That way, you don’t need to change the color of your eye shadow as the day progress. Simply use the wet brush in the evening.

A word of caution for those people who like to use a lot of glitter – while there is no doubt that a sparkly effect looks really interesting, use it with caution since it can highlight your wrinkles and make them appear more prominent.

Learn How to Apply Eyeshadow

Before you apply the eye shadow, you should use a primer. If you don’t want to buy a primer separately, simply apply translucent powder. Instead of a sponge-tipped applicator, use an eye shadow brush. The latter allows for better blending of colors.  After loading the eye shadow on the brush, don’t forget to blow off the excess before you apply it on. Also, one of the important eye shadow make up tips is maintaining proper hygiene. Wash and clean your brushes every few weeks using a mild shampoo and instead of standing them on end to dry them, lay them out flat.

With the proper eyeshadow tips, you can work wonders on your eyes and even camouflage any facial flaws that you may have. After you choose the appropriate color for yourself, you can begin to experiment with various kinds of looks and makeup styles. You can go Gothic or coy, sexy or approachable – it’s your choice. Have fun.

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