Eyeshadow Ideas for Glamorous Looks

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Eyes are the most influential feature of a human being’s face and play a great role in defining the overall look of a person. I give a lot of consideration to all aspects of eye makeup, including eyeshadow application technique. Applying eye shadow is an art that can be easily picked up with practice. However, there are certain eyeshadow ideas that I have learnt through my experience in this field. They will definitely help you in grasping this wonderful art.

How to apply eye shadow

I believe that the first thing is to select the colors and next comes the appropriate technique to apply eyeshadow colors. To begin with, I apply the primer starting from the eye lashes to the brows. Primer helps to hold the make up for longer periods of time. Then, I apply a medium shade on the eyelids with a brush. I use smooth and even strokes starting from the eye lashes and moving towards the crease of the eye. Then, I use a darker shade to apply on the crease of the eye. At last, it is the lightest shade that I apply on the brow bone. After this, I select an appropriate color for eyeliner and apply it on the eyes. Mascara is the last thing I apply once I am done with the eye shadow.

What are gothic eye shadow designs?

For gothic eye makeup, I go in for dark black or some of the other darker shades of the color palette. Gothic eye makeup runs a risk of being under or over done. I therefore recommend practicing it over and over again before your party so that you can get the perfect look on that special day or occasion. I usually use deep shades of violet, navy, dark green, or blacks to get that gothic look. I follow the same process as I do for other eye make ups. The only variation is that I apply eye liner on the lower as well as the upper lash and then deliberately smudge it to the required extent. Another coat of the chosen dark shade eye shadow over the liner enhances the look even further. At last, I apply a lot of mascara to get that perfect gothic look.

Other eyeshadow ideas for getting varied looks

For blondes, who have blue eyes, I go in for shades of browns and taupe. For those having green eyes, softer shades of mauves and lilacs are my choice. Blue eye shadow is best for those bestowed with fair complexion, black hair, and brown or grayish eyes.

For those who have a mature skin, I prefer using soft matte colors. Frosted or white eye shadows should be avoided in such cases. Remember this very basic eyeshadow tip – dark shades will make the eyes look smaller and light shades will make them look bigger. Finally, for those who plan to look gorgeous on their night out, I would suggest use of shimmer.

All my eyeshadow ideas will surely help you achieve that perfect look you have always wanted. So, use these tips and let your eyes steal the show.

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