Tips for Selecting Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

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Selecting an eyeshadow for green eyes has always been really interesting and exciting for me. This is because green eyes are rather versatile and there are various shades, from turquoise to forest green, to choose from. A long list of shades is available for green eyed beauties to experiment with and make your eyes look at their best. These tips can help you to know what to use and what not to use when it comes to eye shadow colors for green eyes.

Best Eye Shadow Colors for Green Eyes

Browns and darker shades of green with a copper or gold highlighter look good on green eyes. I also use taupe highlighters and eye shadow with apricot hue on green eyes. Deep purples, metallic shades, and plum shadows are my favorites to be used for green eyes. Other warm colors such as mauves, bronzes, and lilacs too enhance the look of green eyes. Basically earthier shades of colors like beige, champagnes, chocolate, and some of the pinks may also go well with green eyes.

Colors to Avoid While Selecting Eye Shadow for Green Eyes

I personally feel that it is more important to know what colors to be avoided than what colors of eye shadow would look best on your eyes.

I would recommend refraining from using shades of blue shadows on green eyes. Shadows with purple and pink hues may also under play the beauty of your green eyes. Pink may look good on some but may undermine the look of others. So, the best policy here is the hit and trial method. Shades of silver should also be avoided.

Some More Relevant Tips

I feel that it is not just important to select the correct shade of eyeshadow for green eyes. Appropriate application technique also important to get the desired look. The occasion, color of dress, hair color, and skin tone also play an important role in selecting and applying eye shadow. I would recommend the use of earthly tones of colors such as matte, browns, mauves, and pinks for women with fair complexion and red or blonde hair. On the other hand, for women with dark complexion and black hair, pastel shades of same color palette can be used.

A base coat with a neutral matte and then contouring with a darker shade is the way I apply eye shadow on green eyes. I use a light color for highlighting the brow. The secret to fine application of eye shadow lies in using a clean brush to give smooth strokes. The colors of shadow should be blended properly.

Green eyes are naturally dramatic and beautiful. In the day time, I recommend a subtle make up with two to three properly blended shades of eye shadows and a little bit of mascara. A light liner can also be applied along with this. For night events, green eyed women can go for flashy looks. Frosted eyeshadow for green eyes with a blend of matte would look great. This can be combined with deep green eyeliner and dark plum mascara to make the green eyed women look gorgeous.

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