Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Eyeshadow for Blue eyes

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While choosing eyeshadow for blue eyes, I always go in for colors that give a good contrast to the natural color of the eyes. I try to avoid such colors that give a faded look to the eyes. However, contrary to popular belief dark blue works well on blue eyes as it emphasizes the natural blue colors of the eyes and makes them look more vibrant. I feel that for those who are looking for a perfect eye makeup, choosing an appropriate eye shadow can make lot of difference. If you have blue eyes, correct eye shadow can enhance the look of your eye to a great extent. Below mentioned are certain points that I keep in mind before choosing eye shadow for blue eyes.

Tip 1

I always recommend the use of warm tones of eyeshadow colors for blue eyes. Blue is categorized as a cool color and therefore warm color eye shadows such as Taupe and softer tones of peach can give a good contrast for women with blue eyes.

Tip 2

I would recommend the use of rich brown eyeshadow for blue eyes, especially for those women who are blessed with red hair. To get a perfect look, it is necessary to use natural colors of eye shadows like brown to offset the vibrant red color of your hair. Tan eye shadows also enhance the look of blue eyes.

Tip 3

Instead of going in for blue eye shadows, I mostly opt for navy colors for women with blue eyes. It’s always better to avoid eye shadow with exactly the same color as your eyes. Navy color belongs to the family of blue and will give your eyes a good contrast to make them pop.

Tip 4

I think lavender is the best color eye shadow for blue eyes, especially when women with blue eyes also have blonde hair. Same holds true for shades of violet too. These colors are best, if you are looking for dramatic night time looks. Light purple also works well for blue eyes, especially for those who have a fair complexion and blonde hair.

Tip 5

For women with blue eyes, it is better to use a dark brown or a softer shade of black eye shadow to line the lid, instead of black eyeliner. You could also apply silver shadow on the crease of the eyelids to enhance the look of your blue eyes.

Just choosing a correct eye shadow is not enough. Following a correct technique to apply it is also necessary. Eye shadow should be applied with smooth and even strokes with the help of a brush. I also apply a primer to ensure that it lasts for longer and does not smudge easily. Choosing eyeshadow for blue eyes is not a big deal, as there is a plethora of shades available for blue eyes. However, the above mentioned tips can work wonders in enhancing the looks of those with blue eyes.

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