Eyeliner Tricks to Make your Eyes Sparkle

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Eyeliner is perhaps the most important aspect of eye makeup and mastering the perfect way to apply eyeliner can take quite a while. You need to have a strong and steady hand in order to apply the fine strokes of the eyeliner and once you can do the basic line across your eyelids, you will be able to graduate to more daring and interesting strokes. There are those among us who are able to draw designs with eyeliner as easily as you would with a pen. Don’t worry; you will get there soon enough with some consistent practice. However, for the time being, let’s look at these simple and easy eyeliner tricks that you could use in your makeup regime.

Widen your Eyes

This tip comes in handy for people who have close set eyes. In order to make your eyes appear wider and further apart than they actually are in real life you need to draw a line from the midpoint of the eye to beyond its outer edge. This extension should not be too extravagant; simply extend it slightly beyond the outer edges of the eyelids. Having extended the line, continue from there into the lower lashes, about half an inch, not more. This is the best way to apply eyeliner to draw people’s attention towards the outside of your eyes.

Create Some Drama

In order to bring some drama into your makeup here is one of the lesser known eyeliner tricks. Line the inner rims of your eyes. This will give your otherwise subtle eye makeup a more intense and darker look. However, if you have small eyes don’t try this technique since they may end up looking really tiny. Also, do not use liquid or shadow liners since they are not formulated to stick to moist skin.

Dabble with some Colored Eyeliners

Using some colored eyeliner can jazz up your eye makeup instantly. Choose a liner that goes well with the shade of your eyes and complexion. That will really help your eyes stand out and accentuate their beauty. For those with blue eyes, green or deep blue would be great; for hazel and brown eyes, khaki and olive green would be suitable; for green eyes, bronze and gold are perfect shades whereas for brown eyed gals, purple would be perfect. By no means should you limit yourself to these colors; but, you have to start somewhere don’t you? As time goes on, you are going to experiment with various colors and expand your color palette as well.

How to Take off Eyeliner

A lot of people are interested in learning a variety of eyeliner techniques and styles so that they can experiment with different looks and styles. However, just as important it is to know eyeliner tricks for proper application you also need to know how to remove it once your day is over.

To take off eyeliner, get yourself one of those pre-moistened pads that are specially designed to remove eye makeup. Some of these pads also have aloe vera or Vitamin E and along with removing the eyeliner efficiently, they also keep the skin around your eyes hydrated and moisturized.

I hope this article has been informative for you. In case you need more help on any aspect of makeup, feel free to get in touch with me.

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