A Lowdown on Eyebrows Shapes

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Not many people realize how important the correct eyebrow shape is for their face. The eyebrows not only accentuate the beauty of your eyes, they also help to frame the face. When it comes to shaping your eyebrows, there isn’t one particular style that can be followed. Your eyebrows’ shapes depend a great deal on the shape of your face and bone structure; and since everybody has a different facial structure, the shape of the eyebrows will also vary. Let’s look at the different shapes of eyebrows out there.

Angled Eyebrows

Angled brows are, perhaps, the most noticeable and striking among all the different eyebrow shapes, thanks to their very sharp angle. From the inner corner of the eyes the eyebrows move upwards and curve down towards the outer edge at a very steep angle. People with wide or round faces will find this shape to be the best as it makes the face look narrower and slimmer. Also, if you have close set eyes, you find that angled brows draw people’s attention to the outside, not the inside of your eyes.

Flat Eyebrows

Can’t imagine an eyebrow shape that’s flat? Well, flat eyebrows are called so because they have minimal curvature along the length of your eyebrows. They aren’t really a flat, straight line, if that’s what you are thinking! This is one of those eyebrows shapes that suit narrow faces as they give a broader and fuller appearance to them. People with widely spaced eyes should also go in for this style since it takes the focus away from gap between the eyes.

Curved Eyebrows

Curved eyebrows follows the line of your eyelids and are generally more rounded in shape. If you have a very angular face or sharp features, these eyebrows lend softness to your face and tone down its angular nature.

Arched Eyebrows

Arched eyebrows are a combination of the curved and angled shapes. They open up your eyes and make them look wide and bright.

Remember the perfect eyebrows shapes for your face are the ones that follow your brow bone. If you look carefully, there will be a natural line that you need to follow. Once you know what the natural shape of your brows is you will have less trouble when you are thinking about how to shape eyebrows. Also, if you are having them shaped, it will be better for you to know and understand the different shapes and how they complement your face so that you can guide the beautician accordingly.

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