Tips to choose eye shadow for hazel eyes

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Hazel is the most complicated eye color when it comes to choosing the right eye shadow. Hazel eyes have a tint of three beautiful colors – brown, gold, and green. So, when you are looking for eye shadow for hazel eyes, I would never recommend you to match it or contrast it with the eye color. Rules of applying eye shadow on hazel eyes are a little different from other eye colors. Many a times you have to use your own discretion depending upon the dress you are wearing, the color that is most prominent in your eyes, and your complexion. However, I have some tips to make your task easier.

Color Palette is recommended for Hazel Eyes

As I have mentioned before, try to find out which is the most prominent color in your eyes. The color of your dress also decides which color will stand out among the three hues in your eyes. When it comes to eyeshadow for hazel eyes, it’s always better to go in for a color palette. It has a combination of more than two colors that complement each other. A color palette with shades of browns, golden, purples, deep greens, and peaches is what I usually go in for when it comes to my clients with beautiful and unique hazel eyes. Though not many people pay attention to it, I think pink also belongs to the family of browns and make for a good eye shadow for hazel eyes.

Application of Eye shadow

Once the best eyeshadow for hazel eyes has been selected, the next step is to apply it properly. Start with the lightest shade and apply it just below the brow bone. Then, use a shade darker than this to brush across your complete eyelid. The darkest shade is then to be applied in the crease of your eyes. If you are really very confused about what color eye shadow to use, I would advise you to go for glittering silver eye shadow for your eyes. This will make your eyes sparkle. Once you are done with your eye shadow. Use eyeliner that compliments your eye shadow. For instance, plum liner goes really well with purple eye shadow.

Stay away from Shades of Blue

Blue eye shadows look great on some of the skin tones, when applied properly. However, it’s not a right choice for women looking for the right eye shadow for hazel eyes. You run a high risk of looking dull with no luster in your eyes, if you choose blue shadow for your hazel eyes.

Eye make up for hazel eyes calls for expertise in selection of eye shadows as well the liners that go best with them. Women with hazel eyes have a lot of shadow colors to choose from. At the same time, there is no thumb rule to follow. The color of shadow that would enhance your eyes changes with your dress and the accessories you are wearing. But it is always good to settle for neutral colors, if you are in confusion.

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