Eye shadow for Brown Eyes

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Are you one of those lucky women with brown eyes? Then you must be aware that selecting an eye shadow for brown eyes is not at all a problem. Almost all eye shadow colors go well with the color of your eyes. Nature has bestowed you with an eye color that gives you the freedom to experiment with almost any color of eye shadow available on this planet. Brown eyed girls can dare to use completely distinct and dramatic eye shadows. However, the shadows that go best with brown eyes are greens, golden, browns, bronzes, and almost all shades of blue.

As I don’t have to think much while selecting an eyeshadow for brown eyes, there is much scope to pay attention to other things. I get a chance to lay more emphasis on the skin tone which in turn helps me to give a better look to my customers with brown eyes. Although there is no dearth of eyeshadow colors for brown eyes, there are some which can make you look much more marvelous.

MAC Espresso: I apply a thick line of this dull brown shade in the crease of the eye at night to get that dramatic look for my brown eyed clients. You can also apply it in the daytime but with a light hand.

Almay Intense: It’s a complete kit that I use specially for women with brown eyes. It has a range of shades such as pale purples and browns.

Purple: Purple eye shadow for brown eyes can highlight your eyes really well. Earlier this was not a color that worked well for all brown eyed women. But today, there is a wide range of shades available for this single color to suit the skin tone of all women with brown eyes. Laura Mercier Violet Eye Color Duo has two shades of purple. I apply the purple with grayish hue for my clients getting ready for a day event. The other deep purplish taupe works wonder if you are looking for a smoky effect. DuWop Violet also covers many shades of purple ranging from glittering violet to soothing lilac and even more.

There are many other kits that are customized to provide a wide range of shadow colors for those with brown eyes. However, when it comes to selecting an eye shadow for brown eyes, Sephora Colorful Pro Brown Eyes Shadow Palette is one of my favorites. This kit contains a combination of six colors including peach, violet, and brown. I apply them together to give a fantastic smoky look. They can also be applied separately or two at a time for a low-key impact.

Like I mentioned before, brown eyed women can use almost any eye shadow, but one of the things they should avoid is wearing a color that is same as the color of their eyes. This will take away from the beauty of their eyes. Since there are very few things to remember for brown eyes, all you brown eyed beauties out there are free to experiment with all the colors in the rainbow and end up looking really stunning.

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