Eye Shadow Application Techniques: Color your Eyelids Perfectly

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Eyes, being the most expressive and influential facial feature, plays a very important role in deciding your looks. A good eye makeup can enhance your looks greatly. Eye shadow is an important part of eye makeup. It will provide depth to your eyes and give them certain dimension so that they can complement your overall personality. Learning eye shadow application techniques can be real fun. You can experiment with different lid colors, brushes, highlighters, and other tools used in applying eye shadow and unleash your creativity.

Blend Well and Practice Hard

Learning the best way to apply eye shadow is learning how to blend the colors properly. Remember, three colors are required. First, I brush the entire eyelid with the base color just till the brow bone. It is mostly a lighter shade like light fawn or brown. Then I use the lid color which is usually a shade darker than the base color. At the end I use the darkest shade to make the crease and give shape to your eyes. The art of eye makeup lies in blending these colors properly with a light hand to start with. Also make sure that dark colors are not applied on the brow bone. Merging these colors with perfection requires a lot of practice.

Color choice to make your eyes pop

One of my popular eye shadow application techniques is that of matching the color of the eye shadow with your eye’s color. It has always won appreciation and compliments for my customers. I also use contrasting colors like blue eye shadow for dark brown eyes. This highlights your eyes and makes them look more attractive. Shimmer is my best tool to make your eyes pop. Though it might sometimes highlight the wrinkles around your eyes, it still looks great and makes your eyes look beautiful. Another of the great ways to apply eye shadow is to mix certain shades of shadows from your make up kit to get the right color tone. For instance, electric blue can be mixed with fawn color to get an interesting shade.

Other Tips for Eye Make Up

Making use of primers is one of my eye shadow application techniques. It makes the eye makeup last for long. I use good quality shadow base and then apply the eye shadow over it. It prevents the eye shadow from smudging. Hot red lipstick is the makeup trend of today. I make sure that if my client goes for red lips, I always make use of lighter shades of eye shadow. Another trick that I follow to make your eyes look beautiful is to apply a white eye shadow inside the eye just around the tear duct. It makes the eyes look brighter.

Smokey eye makeup is yet another technique that looks good on almost all kinds of faces. However, it’s advisable to restrict the color to the eye lids. You should put a little color under the lower eyelash but never go beyond that. Otherwise, the eyes may start looking too dark and smudgy.

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