A Treasure Chest of Eye Makeup Tips

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“What is it that you express in your eyes? It seems to me more than all the words I have ever read. – Walt Whitman

You must have heard this a million times, in books, magazines, articles, poems, romantic novels, and even internet sites till you were positively sick of it, but you cannot deny the truth in it, can you? Eyes are the most striking features of a face and when it comes to women, they can speak volumes by simply a look of the eyes, rising of the eyebrows, or the flicker of eyelashes. It is perhaps for this reason that women spend  so much time looking for the perfect ways to accentuate the beauty of their eyes. We all need good eye makeup tips to point us in the right direction and you have come to the right place for some of the best resources you could hope for. Take a look at the treasure trove of articles that provide you with free eye makeup tips on all conceivable aspects of this subject.

1. Catch Everyone’s Attention with Dramatic Eye Makeup: If you have a special evening coming up and you want to flaunt the dramatic look, you will find this article especially helpful as it takes you through the basics of applying dramatic makeup.

2. How to Apply Eye Makeup – Some Essential Tips: Not everybody has the same kind of eyes and eye makeup technique for small eyes would be very different from techniques used for wide set eyes. To know more on this topic, read this article.

3. Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes – Choosing the Right Colors: Blue eyes are considered very striking and the effect blue-eyed belles have on men can be best described as stunning. When choosing cosmetics for blue eyes, you need to keep in mind what colors would complement your eyes and what colors would take away from their beauty.

4. Gothic Eye Makeup Tips – Try Something a Little Different! – The quintessential Gothic look has undergone a lot of change in recent times and adventurous people have invented and re-invented this look. Unleash your creative juices and experiment with the Gothic look.

5. Eye Makeup Tricks to Accentuate your Beauty: Once we are past the basic stage of eye makeup application, we could always use some tips and tricks to bring in some innovation into our lives. This article guides you on how to buy the right cosmetics for your eyes and provides some interesting tips you could use every day.

6. Cat Eye Makeup – Variations to this Style: Cat eye makeup is a very popular style among a lot of women, one that requires you to use a very steady hand. Once you are aware of the basics of applying this makeup, you could look at some of the variations mentioned in this article.  

7. Funky Eye Makeup Ideas to Spice up your Social Life: Sometimes, you just feel the desire to experiment with some new styles that are radically different from the ones you usually follow. For those who are itching to try out something new, these funky eye makeup tips are sure to come in handy. So, the next time you are planning to make a bold statement, use some ideas from here.

8. Smokey Eyes Makeup – Tips & Tricks to Make you Look Sexy: Smokey eyes are a huge favorite among celebrities and top icons. Each time you flip the page of a magazine, you see someone or the other sporting this look. What are you wondering? Can you do it or not? Sure you can! With just a little bit of guidance, you are going to be able to wow your friends and date with that perfect smokey eyes look.

9. A Look at the Different Styles of Eye Makeup: When doing eye makeup do you sometimes wonder how many different styles there could be? Well, the answer to this question is pretty difficult since there are several styles out there and each day some innovative person comes out with yet another style of eye makeup. This article looks at two of the most commonly used makeup styles for eyes – natural and dramatic.

10. How to Apply Eyeliner – Some Tricks and Tips You Could Use: Applying eyeliner is probably one of the most difficult things to master when applying eye makeup. You need to have a very steady hand to apply the eyeliner in a perfect, unwavering line across your eyelids. To know more about the different kinds of eyeliners out there and the different application techniques involved, turn to this article.

11. What to Know before you Learn How to Put on False Eyelashes: Women with skimpy eyelashes usually feel a little self conscious about their looks. They don’t bother too much with eye makeup since they believe it might draw attention to their not-so-luxurious eyelashes. But all that’s about to change now!

12. A Lowdown on Eyebrows Shapes: Eyebrows that are perfectly shaped can accentuate the beauty of your eyes and draw people’s attention towards them. Did you know that there are four distinct eyebrow shapes? Read this article to know more about the different shapes of eyebrows out there.

13. Eyeliner Tricks to Make your Eyes Sparkle: Eyeliners can go a long way in defining your eyes beautifully. However, once you are done with the regular lines on your eyelids, you can try experimenting with different looks for your eyes. Want to learn how? Read this article right here.

14. Easy Tips on How to Apply Gothic Eyeliner: The Gothic look is all about getting the eyeliner application right since a lot depends of it. Several women are scared of trying this look because they don’t believe they can handle it. Honestly speaking, it’s quite easy, once you practice regularly of course! Don’t believe me? Read this article and enlighten yourself.

15. Learn How to Put Mascara On for Eyes that Speak Volumes: Mascara can literally add volume to your eyes, if you apply it well enough. There are several types of mascara out there and you have to be careful when applying them. To know about the proper technique of using mascara, read this article.

16. Some Great Suggestions for Makeup for Green Eyes: Women with green eyes often have trouble choosing the right color of eye makeup for themselves, since they are not sure what would complement their dramatic eyes and what would ruin their effect. If you have similar questions in your head, this article is for you.

17. Make your Eyes Look Alluring with Small Eyes Makeup Tips: Even small eyes can be made to look large and beautiful with the correct use of mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow. Even the shape of your eyebrows can make a huge difference. To know more, read this article.

18. Hazel Eye Makeup Colors to Brighten your Eyes: Hazel eyed women are often envied by a lot of women since it’s so very easy to choose complementary colors for hazel eyes. There are a whole range of colors that look good with hazel eyes. However, there are some that you’d be better off avoiding. What colors are good for you and what are bad? Read to find out.

19. The Appropriate Makeup for Brown Eyes: Make up for brown eyes is a relatively hassle free affair, since these eyes can support a wide range of colors. To know what colors would look really great with your brown eyes, turn to this article.

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