Catch Everyone’s Attention with Dramatic Eye Makeup

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At some point of time we must have all drooled over photographs of models with eyes that are so dramatic that they seem to catch your attention immediately. And once your gaze has been arrested you want to look again and again and see the beauty of the eyes that look so dark and deep. Well, that’s the allure of dramatic eye makeup.

If you’ve got a really special event coming up and you wish to be the center of attraction with your dark and sultry eyes, you could also give dramatic eye make up a try. However, to achieve that kind of affect will require a lot of practice and an equal amount of patience as well. You need to have the necessary skills and expertise in order to get the dramatic eye make up application right. Generally, professional help in this matter would be most advisable, but there are times when you can’t keep running to a beauty parlor, so these tips should help you get your dramatic eye makeup right.

What you Need

The equipments you use for this kind of makeup is as important as the actual application itself. So make sure that you have the following things on your dressing table before you begin:

  • An eye pencil – choose a shade darker than the one you normally use
  • Mascara – Black, blue or dark purple
  • Liquid eye liner – Black
  • Makeup brushes in different sizes
  • Eye shadow – both dark and light

Begin with the Brows

The shape of your eyebrows can make or break the beauty of the look you are about to experiment with, so spending some time shaping them would be a good idea. If you have light eyebrows, choose a color that one shade darker than your natural color. If you are already blessed with dark eyebrows accentuate their shape and make them look symmetrical, keeping in mind that the arch should look natural.

The Eye Shadow

The next step in application of dramatic eye makeup is the eye shadow. After choosing a shade that complements the color of your eyes and complexion, apply a light colored eye shadow at your eyelash line and work it all the way up to the base of your eyebrows. If you want to open up your eyes further and make them look expressive, choose a darker shade of eye shadow and in the crease of your eye lids place a thin line. For more variety, go in for a medium shade that is applied on top of the dark color you’ve used and blend it in.

Use the Eyeliner with Care

Using eyeliner is a pretty dicey affair and many women tend to go wrong at this stage. Therefore, be patient, and work on it consistently to achieve the perfect results. Apply a thin line from the inner corner of the upper lashes and if you want, extend it diagonally beyond the outer corner of the eye. Move on to the bottom lashes and be careful not to close the lines, since it will make your eyes look smaller. The final stage of the dramatic eye make up application is to apply dark mascara on your eyelashes – both upper and lower ones. There, now you are ready to sizzle!

I hope these dramatic eye make up tips have been useful for you. If you are in need of more assistance and you require any sort of help in getting the dramatic eye makeup, you are most welcome to get in touch with me. I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.

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