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Who can deny that the day of the wedding is probably the most special day in the life of a woman? Naturally, she wants to look her very best and dazzle everybody with her beauty and brilliance. Given the enormity of the event, preparation for everything begins months in advance, but one thing that tends to be overlooked is the matter of make-up.

Most people do not think that make-up requires any special attention and they delegate the responsibility to their trusted best friend or a knowledgeable aunt in the family, with results that can be far from pleasing to the eye, or to the camera. Why not go in for professional services? If you live in Chicago, wedding make-up artist Lee Orlian (that’s me!) will be glad to step in and make you look like as beautiful as you have always imagined yourself to be, probably more.

I understand completely how important proper make-up is for the occasion. If you do an immature job, you may end up looking unflattering. There are many brides who seem to look extremely pale to the point of looking almost like a ghost. Surely, that’s not the way you want to end up on your special day. Make-up should complement the natural skin tone of the bride and accentuate the finer points of her face, while hiding any flaws that she may have.

Having lived for five years in Chicago, bridal makeup is my special forte. When you come to me, I will offer a trial makeup session for the bride-to-be where we will discuss important things like hair, accessories, the look preferred by you, and the corresponding make-up that would suit you. The trial session can be held at your home or my place and if you have pictures of looks that you’ve taken a fancy to, please do bring them along. Once we come to an agreement over the type of make-up you’d like, I will start applying it so that you can get a good idea of what you will look like on the D-day.

If you are happy with the results, digital photographs will be taken to capture your look and show you how your pictures will turn out on the actual day of the wedding. Since I mark all the details of the make-up on a face chart, I will be able to recreate it to the T on your wedding day. Have no worries about that!

My bridal makeup is guaranteed to last up to at least 12 hours. Minor touch-ups for the lips may be needed but otherwise, once I’m done with the application, you’re set for the day. Just to add, my false eye lashes can safely stay on for 2 whole days!

For many people in Chicago, wedding makeup specialists are usually equated with dubious standards of hygiene of the brushes and make-up equipments used. Let me put your mind at rest by telling you that I use only the best quality of brushes and makeup products for my clients. Among the brands I normally use are M.A.C., Lancome, Clinique, Ben Nye, Orra and Sephora. I also sanitize the brushes before and after every use and only use new sponges for your face. Every care is taken to bring to you the highest standards in cleanliness. It’s no wonder that I get so many referrals for my high standard of workmanship.

By the way when I say bridal makeup, I mean make-up for the whole bridal party. All the bridesmaids and of course the mothers on both sides need to look good as well, don’t they?

If you like what you see here, please feel free to contact me with any questions. Count on me, Lee Orlian for the best professional services in make-up with just the right bit of warmth and personal touch thrown in for good measure.

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