80’s Makeup Trends – Big, Bright and Bold

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The 80’s makeup was drastically different from those of the previous decade. Trends and styles of the eighties were defined by bright colors and bold looks. The natural look of a girl having fun outdoors was gone and in this decade, women enjoyed wearing vibrant colors using up pretty much all the colors in the palette.

By this time, women had firmly made a place for themselves at the workplace and dressing up for work was a serious affair. If you wanted to be taken seriously, you had to take your makeup seriously. For the 80s makeup looks and style, it was not uncommon for women to go the whole nine yards and apply foundation, powder, lip liner, lipstick, mascara and eyeliner before going to work. Bright colors were preferred for the eyes and lips and the complexion was ultra-smooth and flawless.

The Big Look

Everything about the 80s makeup was big and exaggerated. It had to be, in order to complement the ‘big’ look that was a rage at this time.  Eighties makeup was exaggerated and big. Big hair, big shoulders, big makeup! 80s eye makeup saw the heavy use of mascara, liner and eye shadow. For eye shadow the most popular colors were heavy shades of green and blue. The lips too were heavily lined in bright colors.

The Bold Color Trends

The women of the 1980s openly experimented with colors that were heretofore used with caution. Blues, mauves, greens, oranges, and fuchsias were among the top choices. For blushers too, the choice of colors were bold, and women of the eighties carried off this look with panache, even if the fluorescent lights at the work place didn’t do too much to flatter the blue undertones these bright colors had.

Use of Bright Palettes

80s makeup did not understand subtlety. The concept was simply lost on women who were completely fascinated by the use of bright colors. Another noticeable fact was that use of bright colors was not limited to night use like it was in some decades. Night or day, a special occasion or just another regular work day, woman reveled in using all the bright colors in the palette. Jewel tones became quite popular and women were commonly seen sporting turquoise and fuchsia. Neutral shades like browns and light pinks seemed to have been forgotten.

For women in the 80s, style, makeup and fashion were all about prestige and power. The bolder the choice of their colors, the more powerful they felt. The natural look of the 70s was traded in for the neon look of the 80’s.  It is no wonder that this period is considered to be “the wildest and most brightly colored decade” in the history of makeup.

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