70’s Makeup – Going Great with the Natural Look

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By the end of the sixties, women had begun to develop a liking for the toned down and natural look.  Makeup in the 70s particularized this look to a great extent.  Gone was the heavy and dramatic makeup for the eyes and the deathly pallor of the skin for complexion. Instead of looking like Cleopatra, women opted for the more grounded beach girl beauty look. 70’s makeup threw pretension out of the window and women were no longer afraid of being caught looking like themselves!

1970s – The Tanned Look of the Surfer

Like I said earlier, natural was the new look. Women did not want ghostly white complexion or smooth and flawless looking skin of the movie starts. They did not want a rosy blush on their cheeks or drama and intrigue in their eyes. In fact, looking like a surfer with a healthy tan and sporting a glow that comes with exercise was the high point of the 70’s make up. Those who shied away from the sun in an effort to preserve their complexion were found basking in it to get that perfect tan. And those who could not afford a holiday to the beach began to rely on fake tanning fluids in an effort to get that bronzed look.

70’s Makeup Style

During this period, women began to go very easy on the eye makeup. The practice of using mascara for daywear virtually disappeared. And when it was used, it was more for the purpose of lengthening the eyelashes, not to thicken them. Dark eyeliners went out of fashion, and women began to use pale blue or white eyeliner inside the lids so that their eyes would appear bigger. Pearlescent colored eye shadow, lipstick and nail polish and became very popular.

Focus on Skin Care

What had started in the late sixties became more prominent in the seventies. Skin care became a widely accepted concept during this period, and women began to show a keen interest in looking after their skin, but not merely superficially.

Previously, the usual skin care routine was limited to soap and a jar of Pond’s cold cream. But in the seventies, products that were exclusively sold in spas were finding their way into the hands of the general public. There was a flood of skin care products in the market, such as toners, face masks, cleansers and astringents.

Finally, during this time there began a trend of using natural products since there was a growing awareness among women on how the products they used would reflect on the overall health of their skin. The call was on using fewer chemicals and switch to gentler and more natural products.

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