60’s Makeup – Heralding a Rebellion

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1960’s was known as the era of rebellion. Teenagers all over the world were getting used to the idea of having a voice and used it vociferously to be heard and to defy the norms of society. The generation of the 60’s was no longer aiming to look like their parents. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Everything about the 60’s style, makeup and fashion was quite different from anything people had seen in the previous decade. The amount of disposable income people had made it possible for them to go out and splurge on their favorite brands and cosmetics. It was around this time that Estee Lauder came out with a nail varnish “24K Gold” and by the name you can guess what was in that bottle. No, we are not joking. 60’s makeup was all about flamboyance.

It would not be wrong to say that the 1960’s were a period of revolutionary ideas and defining styles. The “mods” were a huge and influential group of this period, and they laid down the trends of the fashion and make up in the 1960s.

Make up for the Eyes in the Sixties

In the 60’s makeup, the eyes were meant to be the main attraction and everything was done to draw attention to the eyes. As a rule, therefore, eye makeup was pretty dramatic and eyeliner and mascara were used with abandon. Sometimes, the mascara application was so thick that the eyelashes would clump together and look like false eyelashes which, by the way, were also a huge rage.  The eyeliner used was very dark and it was applied all around the eye. Eye shadow was liberally applied to the entire eyelid. The popular look of the 60’s was eyelids lined with kohl set off by brilliant blue eye shadow.

Lipstick and Blusher

To bring more prominence to the eyes, colors used on the lipstick were kept pale and on several occasions use of lipstick was done away with all together. Sometimes, foundation was used to cover the lips or they were painted with white colored lipsticks. Rouge was re-christened as blusher and it was used extensively in this period. Women could choose from a variety of shades, from bright pinks to pale and shimmery pearls.

Food for the Skin

A huge part of the 60’s makeup had also to do with ensuring that the skin was well-maintained and looked as beautiful and healthy on the inside, as it did on the outside. For the first time people began to approach beauty in a more holistic manner and this ushered in a whole line of “skin treats” that were made from royal jelly, vitamins and minerals, and honey. This trend was not limited to tropical moisturizers and soon enough lipsticks and lip glosses were available in flavors like cherry, strawberry, and cola.

The Scent of a Woman

Towards the end, a mention has to be made about signature fragrances that became popular at this time. Simply looking good was not important. Women wanted to smell good too, and cashing in on this desire were brands like Avon and Chanel. Perfume and luxury fragrances became an inseparable part of makeup in the 1960s.

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