50’s Makeup, Fashion and Style

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Fifties was a period of great transition all over the world, what with the countries getting over the after effects of the world war and the men returning to house and hearth. While functionality and simplicity were the defining traits of the makeup of the previous decade, 50’s makeup was a lot more glamorous by standards. Fashion and beauty took center stage once again. Single women dressed up in order to land themselves a desirable husband while those who were already married began to emulate Lucille Ball as the quintessential glamour wife.

Glamour in the 50s

Color films of the 1950s had a huge influence on cosmetics and fashion in this decade. Women were so fascinated by the smooth and unblemished complexion of the film stars that they desperately craved for that look. Finally, makeup artist Max Factor re-invented the “Pan Cake” foundation to make it more accessible and usable on a daily basis by the general female populous. This foundation helped to conceal the imperfections on the skin and gave the face a smooth glow.

Make up in the 1950’s later evolved a lot more with the addition of titanium in the cosmetic products. This helped to mute the somewhat garish brightness in the colors of the cosmetics and gave them a beautiful shimmering gleam that was subtle in its paleness. Titanium was first used in lipsticks and then extended to nail varnishes as well.

The Unusual Accessory of the 50’s

The 50’s saw the sudden popularity of one of the most unexpected accessories ever – spectacles! Eyeglasses became very, very fashionable. Very often, they were encrusted with diamante or glitter dust and they came in the most garish styles possible. Exaggerated wings at the corners, cat’s eye styles and other bizarre shapes were used to draw attention to the eyes. No 50’s makeup or look was complete without these eyeglasses.

Hair Styles in the 1950s

Hairstyles of the 50s were curlier, shorter and softer than the previous decade. Straight, long hair became passé while youthful and bouncy ponytails became the in thing. For more formal occasions French pleats were preferred.  With hair lacquer sprays becoming more and more common, women began to experiment with more complex hairstyles, such as the beehive and backcombed bouffant.

50s Style Makeup

As we mentioned before, changes in the political situation of the world brought about great changes in fashion as well. Women were once again looking to land great husbands and settle down to looking after their home and rearing children. For this reason, everything became ultra feminine. Peaches and cream complexion with pink or red lips, blue and green eye shadow, thing and high eyebrows and moderate application of eyeliner and mascara (usually at night for social events) were the norm. The 50’s makeup was designed to give women a very naïve and innocent appeal.

To sum it up, women in the 1950’s looked like angelic dolls. By day time, they were the typical girls next door and at night, they were the picture of elegance and sophistication. For a nation that was returning from war and coming back to the normalcy of day to day life, women ensured that what they received was romance and fantasy.

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