A Walk through 1940s Makeup

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When you think of the 1940s you think of naturally beautiful women like Vivien Leigh, Ava Gardner, Jennifer Jones, and Ingrid Bergman. Gone were the deathly pale and boyish look of the flappers and the cute girl next door look of the 40s. 1940s makeup was all about women looking feminine, rosy, and soft. Natural beauty (with just a little bit of support from cosmetics) was the keyword of this decade.

Foundation and Rouge in the 1940s

In this decade, the role of the face powder was to give the face a very beautiful rosy glow, not to recreate the Ophelia or Cleopatra pallor. Therefore, a slightly darker and warmer shade of foundation was used on the face. After the foundation was applied, powder lighter than the natural color of the skin was brushed on. This lent a very pink and delicate glow to the face. In addition to this, the cheeks were highlighted with rouge, and the popular color tones were red with undertones of pink, brilliant pinks, bright rose colors, and fuchsias. Rouge was typically applied at the highpoint of the cheekbones and brushed in uniform strokes in the direction of the temples.

Eyebrow Make up in the 1940s

Contrary to the previous trends of plucking the eyebrows into non-existence, 1940s makeup celebrated the eyebrows of the average women. The brows maintained natural thickness and were very strong and dramatic. However, in spite of their width, they were well groomed and the focus was on well defined (not extreme) arches. This look was further accented by using dark brown shade of eyebrow pencil.

Eye Shadow & Mascara in the 40s

In general, the 1940s make up for the eyes was not very elaborate. Mascara was hardly ever used during the day and if it was, women chose brown and blacks to give a softer look to their lashes. Eyeliner was used minimally and eye shadow shades that were popular were muted browns and grays, even for the glamorous look.

Splash of Colors on the Lips and Nails

The lips were perhaps the most striking feature of the 1940s makeup. They were extremely stylishly done and there was subtleness about them. The lips, especially the upper one, was made to look round that gave women a sexy look without looking too obviously so. Among the most popular colors was red and all associated shades like crimson, dark red, cherry red, vermillion, raspberry red, and pale red.

As far as nails were concerned, it was customary to paint the nails to match the clothes and accessories. For this reason, there was a wide range of nail colors available in the market, from blues, reds, and browns to yellow, mauve, and even black.

The 1940s were a difficult period for most women all over the world since the men had gone away to war and they were expected to take care of their homes and work outside to make money as well. However, even the hard work and disparate lives could not take away from the glamour that was recreated by movies. Women had their own paychecks now and they were using part of the money to dress elegantly and look beautiful.

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